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At Pata Negra, we often offer a “TAPPY HOUR” special!
It’s like a happy hour, but with Tapas.

On Wednesdays, $10 will get you a house beer, wine or sangria and a small tapa or a pintxo.

These tasty bites will vary from week to week and the goal is to offer a delicious sample of what is fresh on the menu.

See you soon!

Reserve a table by texting 0413 176 031

Pintxos (or Pinchos) vs Tapas…

‘Pintxo’ is a ‘Basque-ified’ take on the Spanish word ‘pincho’, which itself comes from the verb ‘pinchar’, which is ‘to pierce’  (These pics are from San Sebastian in the north of Spain)

GENERALLY SPEAKING…. Spanish tapas are presented on a plate, and they are normally a small version of a bigger dish.  For instance, paella or patatas bravas.  Whereas, pintxos are most commonly served on a small bread base with a toothpick spearing some delight on top, like jamón, cheese, mushrooms or chorizo. Or a combination of all of them.

Spanish tapas
Tapas and Pintxos – a great way of discover new tastes, bite by bite….

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