Some of our Spanish wines, beers and cocktails

Estrella Damm Lager

Estrella Damm is Barcelona’s most famous beer.  Imported from Spain (none of that brewed under licence rubbish), double chilled and served with a smooth crema head.  You can buy Estrella Damm at Dan Murphy’s but it is sooo much better when served on tap. 

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This beer is the jewel in the crown of Damm’s century-long beer-brewing experience. Since 1876, when Alsatian August Kuentzmann Damm founded the company bearing his name, numerous generations of master brewers have perfected this lager until it has become a landmark in the world of beers. This lager beer with a universally appreciated character and taste is ideal for drinking at any time. Its high quality is due to the finest selection of raw materials and the meticulous brewing process. It stands out for its creamy hops-flavoured froth and refreshing taste.


“INEDIT” is a aromatic malt and wheat beer, imported in a fancy 750ml bottle.  More importantly – it is one of the best beers on earth!  At the time of writing this web, we have never had a customer comment negatively or even “meh” about this heavenly drop.  Always positive reviews.  It’s all good, amigo!

Inedit was created in 2008 by Damm’s master brewers, Ferran Adrià and the team of sommeliers at elBulli.  It is specially brewed to respect and pair perfectly with the new gastronomy, full of contrasts and nuanced flavours.

Inedit Damm is a specialty beer created by Ferran Adrià, Chef of elBulli, and his team of sommelier. This is the only gastronomic beer specifically created to pair with food and served chilled in a white wineglass. The perfect combination of traditional lager and German style weissbier flavoured with coriander, orange peel and liquorice is creamy and fresh in texture and lightly carbonated.

Alhambra 1925

Alhambra Reserva 1925 is a craft beer born in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  

Golden amber colour, distinctive hop and caramel aromas on the nose with a full flavour and crisp finish.

Back home in Granada, the locals ask for a “verde” (a green-one) or a “mil-no” (a very short Andalucia way of saying 1925).

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How our customers describe "Matsu El Picaro" 2018

“A big, balanced, fruit-forward wine”

“Tight tanins and dry finish”

“Oh my gosh that’s good”

Technical stuff

El Pícaro is a young red wine from Toro made with Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo) grapes from vines between 50 and 70 years old.

This wine is produced by Bodega Matsu and is a wine that does not interfere with natural processes, guided by biodynamic viticulture methods.

For its preparation, the harvest is done manually during the first half of October and is transported in boxes and small trailers.

Subsequently, fermentation takes place in concrete tanks of 15,000 kg, the temperature does not exceed 24ºC to maintain freshness in the fruit that characterizes this wine.

Malolactic fermentation takes place in French oak barrels, once complete, it is neither filtered nor clarified, trying to preserve its natural features.

Finally El Pícaro spends three months in wooden barrels.

How our customers describe our house wine

A classic tempranillo

A crowd-pleaser


Technical stuff

Fresh, dense, fruity and smooth on the palate, with red fruit flavours.  Classic Rioja.