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BRUNCH:  It’s not the first thing that leaps to mind when thinking of Spain.  Normally, it’s all about flamenco, tapas, running with bulls, Picasso and sangria.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that in the land of a million tapas, there is a huge variety of amazing and vibrant brunch options.  Read on!

TAPAS:  In Spain, Tapas doesn’t just refer to portion size, it is a way of eating and socialising.  There is even the verb to “tapear” which is the act of sharing tapas and taking a drink with a few friends.  For the most part, meals are ordered to share with everyone at the table, not just 1 plate per person. Sharing is caring

OUR MISSION:  To allow customers to design their own Spanish breakfast.  This creates an interesting element to the dining experience and it encourages people to try new tastes without committing to just one full meal.   Food flexibility like this pushes the boundaries of what we brunch can be.  We are beyond delighted that breakfast tapas has hit the food scene and can’t wait for you to taste our way through the full menu!

THE OFFER:  To help you discover a range of different taste sensations, we invite you to join us for a tapas-style brunch.  Grab some amigos and familia and dive into a selection of traditional Spanish breakfast plates.  Share them around and try a little of everything (or maybe try a lot of our award winning Jamon Iberico – it’s not to be missed). 

  You can find our brunch menu at the bottom of the page.  Our full Tapas Menu is available all day too.

Breakfast & BRUNCH to share

Jamon Iberico

Jamon Iberico is the jewel in the crown of Spanish gastronomy.
Our bar “Pata Negra” is even named after it.
Probably the most famous Spanish Breakfast is our award-winning Jamon Iberico served with fresh tomato puree and a hint of garlic on thick crunchy toast.

or – Ask for a platter of Jamon to share around

Huevos Rotos

Translated as “broken eggs”, this is a traditional dish with eggs that are not totally scrambled, just a bit broken up.

Served on a bed of chunky chips and sprinkled with flecks of Jamon.


ESCALIBADA:  Roasted mixed veggies on toast topped with creamy goat cheese and roasted cherry tomatoes in Pedro Ximenez Sherry

TORTILLA: Spanish potato omelette with roasted green capsicum and your favourite sauce, Ali-Oli or Bravas.

 SHERRY VEGGIES:  Mushrooms and Cherry tomatoes roasted in Pedro Ximenez sherry Vinegar.

Adobo con Huevo

“Adobo” is a spicy mince served with a runny egg.  YUM.


(photos to follow)


Ask for a serving of freshly cooked eggs to share between 2 or 3 amigos.  We will prepare just the way you like them

(more photos to follow)



Add an egg
Sliced Manchego cheese
Sliced Avocado with lemon zest
Hot and spicy Mini Chorizos
Jamon Serrano  (Noice!)
Jamon Iberico de Bellota   (Better!!)

¡ Something Sweet !

In addition to our Brunch menu, we also offer fresh made Churros con chocolate all day! 
They are surely the most famous breakfast treat in Spain.

Just after a coffee and a bite..?  Just ask our friendly staff (a great chance to practice your Spanish) about our other home-made cakes and sweets.

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