Most of us have tried paella – or at least what many think is paella.  But the question is: what makes a truly authentic version and what is just a paella pretender? 

Now you too can learn how to cook an authentic paella with Spaniards, at Pata Negra Tapas Bar!
Our Spanish experts will introduce you to this famous rice dish, teach you a few of the tricks of the trade and immerse you with the rich paella history and a bit of useful lingo as well.  No previous Spanglish experience required….
These nights are highly recommended.  The classes are conducted in cosy groups of  about 2 people with a welcome drink on arrival and some tapas nibbles are provided through the relaxed night.  You get to be hands-on during the cooking process and taste-tests are essential.
OF COURSE – you get to eat a meal of what you have prepared! 
We hold our paella classes at  Pata Negra Tapas Bar – 73 MacGregor Terrace, Bardon, on every Thursday night.
Buy your tickets below and then reserve your night by texting 0413 176 031
What you get
~ Enjoy a 1.5 hour cooking class, hosted by Spaniards
~ Complimentary Spanish Wine, Beer or Sangria on arrival
~ Price includes paella dinner at the end the class
~ Tapas nibbles provided through the class
~ Recipe cards to take home
Use a voucher for yourself or as a great gift for others.

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