Every Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday lunch, we prepare a HUGE  traditional family Paella for our patrons to enjoy.  We share out these delicious servings on the night and it is “first in best dressed”.  We often sell out…

We can also prepare your table YOUR very own Personal Party Paella! 
That’s right, with a bit of planning, we can create a memorable Spanish experience for you and your guests, with a big PAELLA is the middle of the table.
These make a great centre-piece to a party and are awesome for sharing in big groups.   Tailor the Paella to your liking – choose from – Traditional Seafood/Meat, All 
Seafood, All meat or Vegan.

BUT… Because these are prepared especially for you, we need to roster on our dedicated Paella-chef at the right time to serve you.  This means we need at least 24 hours notice.

PRICING for Personal Party Paellas

  • 8 to 12 servings  $21 per person
  • 13 to 18 servings $20 per person
  • 19 or more servings $19 per person

    These paellas can also be prepared for TAKE-AWAY catering so you can enjoy at a party at your home.  (There’s a refundable deposit for the paella pan)

    Please call us to discuss!

    P.S. All of our paellas are gluten-free


1  – Our Spanish team prepares our paella FROM SCRATCH.   The rich stock is made in-house.   Real Stock gives paella depth of flavour.

2 – We use authentic imported rice and spices and the best, fresh local ingredients.

3 – You can chat to our Paella chef while he’s cooking.  Get a few tips and maybe make your own at home.

– Another bonus is that Paella is Gluten free!

When dining in at our Tapas Bar, we have a limited number of portions available, so booking ahead is suggested, but not essential.  Text your booking to 0434 834 300

Learn to cook a killer Paella at Pata Negra, every Thursday night, at our Master Classes

Spanish paella in Brisbane | Authentic Tapas Bar | Never with Chorizo, Jamie Oliver | Best enjoyed with Spanish Wine & beer
Where to find real Spanish paella in Australia?
Pata Negra Tapas Bar:  73 MacGregor Terrace, Bardon, Brisbane