Pata Negra Tapas Bar is a little slice of Spain, right here in Bardon, Brisbane. 
We are more than simply “Spanish-inspired cuisine”, we are the real-Spanish-deal, “puro y duro”.

Our cosy Tapas Bar, Cafe and Deli has been up and running since July 2018.  Alma and Steven (that’s us – the owners) have had an online Spanish shop ( ) since 2014 and opening an authentic tapas bar has helped them share Spanish gastromony and culture with more and more Aussies.

We ARE about sharing authentic Spanish experiences:

  • Home-cooked Spanish tapas
  • Spanish wines and beers
  • Spanish language classes every week
  • Cooking with great ingredients, imported directly from Spain
  • Paella Master classes weekly
  • Promoting Spanish Cultural activities
  • Spanish music and flamenco, whenever we can
  • Churros con chocolate (so good they deserve a shout-out)
  • Wine tasting classes
  • Encouraging our customers to order in Spanish.  Nearly all of our staff are from Spain and this is the perfect place to practice every time you order something.  Have a chat!
  • Providing a place for newly-arrived Spaniards, so they can feel like at home, at least for a bit

What we are NOT into so much:

  • Deviating wildly from traditional Spanish recipes just to adjust for local palates (Vegemite is rarely found in the kitchen)
  • Huge white plates with tiny bites of food in the middle (I mean, really??)
  • Keeping the exact same menu for months at a time (we change every few weeks)

About the owners:

  • Alma is from beautiful, exotic, passionate Seville with her family roots reaching across Spain from Asturias, to Granada, Cadiz and Las Palmas.
  • Steve – Despite being from Bundaberg, he’s a passionate “hispanophile” who’s fallen in love Spanish family, food and culture over the past 20 years.
  • Basically, they are 2 accountants with big dreams who love sharing Spanish food and culture 
 Any questions? 
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