Types pf paella – something for everyone

You may well know of Spain’s most famous dish, the PAELLA.  With it’s deep golden hue and rich tapestry of flavours it’s a visually appealing feast with broad appeal.  Part of it’s appeal is the handy fact that the main “headline” ingredient can be changed to suit the tastebuds of your amigos around the table. 
Traditionalists prefer the famous mixed meat and seafood paella from Valencia.
Pescatarians can go for the sea-food loaded option.
Vegetarians often choose a special paella with pumpkin or garnished with artichoke. 
Jamie Olive mistakenly chose to load his version of “paella” with CHORIZO and chicken…  and copped an barrage of attacks from fervent Spaniards.  (NB – it’s great to eat chorizo with rice, but it’s NOT ok to call it “Paella” – the chorizo over-powers all the flavours of dish and it’s called “arroz con chorizo”

PS – It’s also possible the best Gluten Free food in the world, after Jamon Iberico, but that’s another post