We have Estrella Damm Lager on tap at Pata Negra.  It’s great.

Spanish beer brand Estrella Damm have released a short film called “La Vida Nuestra” (Our Life)  starring Álvaro Cervantes and Peter Dinklage.

With over 15 million views on YouTube, it’s attracted a lot of interest.
While the beer itself is undeniably a fantastic drop, the reactions to the short film are hit and miss.  Comments range from “Just Perfect” and “Peter Dinklage is such a great actor” to “Since when to beer companies make films?!?”  It’s a well shot sort film, very flattering for señor Dinklage with splashes of Estrella-Red coloration snuck in throughout the scenes.

Like it, or “Meh” it, check out CHAD JOHNSON PI delivering a heart felt, uplifting message,  CON CERVEZA!

SPOILER ALERT – BAR PATA NEGRA will be stocking this fantastic Spanish export, among our range of beers.