Tapas is just the best.

The Spanish culinary experience often arrives as bite-sized morsels that serve as the great samplers of Iberian cuisine.   aka TAPAS.

Anywhere in Spain, you can find places that serve great tapas or pintxos and they can vary from homely bites that were prepared by abuela, freshly sliced Jamon iberico or luxurious OTT tapas from a Michelin restaurant.

For the discerning tapas aficionados in Spain, the secret to enjoying the widest possible variety of tapas is to seek out the specialty of each bar, wash it down with an appropriate drink and then move on to the next bar to begin the whole process again.

Luckily, this process can be performed comfortably, since many cities and towns are jam packed full of cosy bars, each with their own signature dish.

In Brisbane, we don’t quite have the same luxury, but here at Pata Negra, we are striving to recreate a little of that amazing Spanish Tapas bar experience.

Swing by for a great coffee and a light, Spanish influenced brekky or brunch.  Feeling peckish from noon til night?  Fantastico!  Dive into our range authentic Spanish dishes and enjoy a cold bevie.

We hope you’ll love our tapas so much that you’ll want to re-create them at home.  Pick up some essential Spanish ingredients a few recipe cards while you are here and you’ll be sorted at home too!